One area that has gotten some attention while we've been thinking of ideas is this problem of having to carry around enzymes to take during the day. I thought a new discussion might help act as a focus for posting these ideas here. Let me know what you think!

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Ok, first up.

Two ideas for maybe dialling the right amount of enzymes... no need to worry about how it might work at the minute; any idea is a good idea at this stage! This idea is a bit like the insulin pens that some people with diabetes use. Twisting the top adjusts the amount of enymes that are dispensed, and then pressing the top back in releases them. See what you think:

Generally speaking, the enzymes are bigger than a Tylenol pill. I'm guessing by an additional 50%.

I'm liking the push idea because you may be able to do it with the same hand that is holding the bottle, leaving the second free to catch the enzymes.

Size I believe may vary a bit between prescriptions (at least it use to). I couldn't find size info on Creon's website. Here are some pictures of mine next to midol (sorry its all I had) and asprin. 

For me, I am on a very low dose, 2 enzymes with meals. 3 if its incredibly fatty (which I usually wouldn't eat). I like taking enough for a few days  with me.

I think there would be a big benefit to making the container clear or have a clear window of some sort just to see how meany enzymes it has in it.

What do you guys think?

I take 4-8 with meals :) I like push also. Could always try one pill per push.

Ok, it seems having a supply for a few days is important. Is it right to assume that you might need about 10-15 per day? I know it might be a generous amount based on what you've mentioned, but it leaves room for error (dropping some, etc). How many day's supply might you think you'd need? 1? 2? +?

I think the size of the actual unit is more important than how many pills it actually holds. I take around 30 enzymes a day.

I sketched a rough idea of where the button might fall if you wanted to operate it with one hand, sorry its a bit hard to see. I'll scan it in this weekend and re post it.

I see, so each button press is 1x tablet?

I suppose this product ties in quite well with the PocketPocket that Ronnie suggested (it's in the 'Fashion Accessories' discussion)... in as much as it would help stop fluff and rubbish collecting in the meds bottles.

I don't know how I missed this.

There is a dial at the top of this to decide how meany the button dispenses.

Originally I drew it to fit the hand (round) but to fit more like the PocketPocket we could slender down the sides and flatten it, that way it fits in pockets much easier.

Ok. Here's something that might be a little bit left-field.

How about we think a bit differently about the shape that this could be. The company 5" make custom CD-R disks and cases. They have one called a TriggerCase that pops the CD-R out when you press the trigger part. Maybe we could make a thin enzyme holder, that pops them out in a similar way?

I know it sounds like a rubbish plan, but what about Pez? They never took off in the UK (too expensive), but the dispensers themselves are pretty great; a similar idea to having the enzymes arranged in the dispenser like Pez, ready to be put in the dispenser.

Or, maybe as part of the design, there is a special way of filling the 'clip' that the enzymes slot into. I'll post a sketch - this isn't very clear!


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