One area that has gotten some attention while we've been thinking of ideas is this problem of having to carry around enzymes to take during the day. I thought a new discussion might help act as a focus for posting these ideas here. Let me know what you think!

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Hey Matt - 

Long time no chat. The enzyme dispenser will not hold my Zenpep. Is it working well for Amber?

Sorry I've been MIA.


Hello, sorry about my absence recently


It works well as far as holding and dispensing Ceon goes.

Keep in mind some of these we knew we'd have to sole for, like filling =)


The greatest problem areas I have had are...

-The cap, it fell off in the first few days of use.

-enzymes spill out, I'm not sure if this is due to the button being too easy to press or the cap problem.

- I did not notice that dirt or anything from my purse (not sure how it gets in my purse but it does) has gotten into the dispenser, but because of the opening where the enzyme is dispensed, I feel uneasy trusting that the creon is clean.

-The size, for me, only storing 12 at a time makes it less worth while to use than what I already use. But I think adding the tracking mechanism will give it added worth! and may make the hassle of re filling it more worth while.

- Filling it is time consuming and a bit of a pain. I don't like having to touch each medication to fill it.

-It is not the most ergonomic yet.

Now for the good =D

+ It is very easy to dispense the enzyme

+ Makes tracking enzyme intake very easy by dispensing 1 at a time.

+ Great size for pocket storage


+Also big enough to find in my purse and fit into pockets.


+ Fun to use, this may be a positive for children who see taking there enzymes as not fun.


+ I felt less socially awkward using it. Let me explain, its hard to tell what it is, and it speeds up the process of getting your enzymes out. So, in a social setting I’m not jumbling around a pill case and pulling 2 pills out of a container filled with pills.


+ you only touch the ones your taking, this is great because your not contaminating the remainder of the pills being stored.

Ronnie - do you have a way to measure your Zenpep?

Good feedback. I wonder if we could double the depth of the dispenser to hold twice as many pills? That would give us 24 and would be enough for a full day for many people.

I wouldn't know a good way to measure the Zenpep, but I'm open to suggestions.

Do you have a ruler? If you lay the ruler down on your desk, then you can put the Zenpep down next to it. That should be good enough for a photograph; we should be able to work it out with enough accuracy then.

If I could make a request for a ruler in millimetres, that would be ace ;-)

Amber, this is great feedback - some of the problems (like you say) are ones we know about, but there are problems that keep coming back up that we need to work on.

The button press is a problem I think - it's too easy to accidentally dispense your Enzymes in your pocket. I've carried around a dispenser with some Enzymes in, and I found the same thing (they also STINK if they dissolve onto your pocket liner  - I see why you wanted the PocketPocket Ronnie!).

The cap is a real pain. It's difficult to get something that reliably stays in place, and I was wondering about Silicone? Maybe we can get something cast that would fit a lot nicer.

I actually think we need some sort of case to put around the dispenser mechanism. That way we could make it look any way we like...

I'll get the CF clinicians in Sheffield to have a look at this feedback - they're testing the dispenser on the ward here with other people who have CF, so you're helping to make a positive difference to more than just your own CF self management!

Hey Ronnie - I should apologise too for being absent. I'll email you and Amber about what's been going on.

Okay, this is waaaay overdue. But here are my observations I previously emailed to Matt. He asked that I post them here (at least I think I have the right place...).

I've been using the dispenser. I watched the video, took it apart, put it back together - all very fun. My enzymes fit perfectly. I like that when filling it, they don't jam up. They easily fall into place and shimmy their way down the dispenser. I also really like the sound they made as they fall down! (I'm easily entertained!)

I wish the edges were a bit smoother, maybe rounded. In my little hands it feels sharp to hold. I also wish the button to release an enzyme didn't stick out as much (though I understand design wise why this is) because I'm afraid of it getting caught on something and snapping off when it's in my purse.

I did notice that while an enzyme is housed in the chamber at the bottom, the next enzyme is nearly half way out (it gets pushed back up as the enzyme gets released and then falls into the chamber once it's empty). I could foresee that being an issue if I'm keeping this in my purse, as I'd like the enzymes to be sealed up as much as possible so that dirt or moisture can't get to them. (picture below)

My husband just pointed out that it'd be a good way to keep track of whether or not I'd taken my enzymes for the day. After all these years, it's become second nature, so sometimes I honestly can't remember if I took them or not. If I was using this dispenser every day and there was a little side window where I could see how many are left, I'd be able to mentally keep track and know if I took any or not. ("oh, there's 10 left, if I'd taken them with lunch there should only be 6... I must have forgotten" kind of thing) 

What about this old fasioned thing? It's worked wonders for me for years!


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