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So I know as adults it’s easy to “get over it” but why do we need to?

As children it’s not that easy to get over feeling socially vulnerable or as if you’re the only one in the room who sticks out.


I am thinking of something for those put into the situation they need to wear a medical mask for safety more often.  Or possibly re making the masks that are currently used.


Rate now patterns, and prints as well as colors have been added to the masks but I think it only covers the problem, it still is clearly a mask, it still sparks other people to be curious about why you may be wearing it, or put coldly “what’s wrong with you”?  


When worn in hospital setting its more widely accepted because most people have had to wear one before, but I’m not sure those are the only places those with lung transplants have to wear them. Is it? I would think maybe public areas too?


What do you guys think? Is this problem worth venturing into? =D

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I thought I had replied here, but Ning obviously didn't think what I had written was worth posting!

I think This is a very worthwhile endeavour, as stigma is a problem no matter how old you are. Could you post a couple of examples of the masks that you mean, or sketch what they look like? What I'm imagining might not be right.

I'll get on here tonight and post some of whats on the market now for various ages.

Also I have found some dust/ weather masks that I think are more successful than the medical ones, I'll post those too, and some sketches tonight.

Hi Amber, I was wondering whether this is the sort of thing that you were thinking about?

So, are we talking about this kind of thing?

Those masks could use some improving too! Now that you mention it I haven't noticed any new designs of those for a while, and those elastic bands just plain suck. I'm kind of glad I didn't clarify what i was talking about that well, because exploring this avenue wouldn't be bad.

The masks I was thinking of are the same ones surgeons and doctors use. They have gotten better for kids by adding patterns, but they still look very clearly like the same mask, which people associate with sickness (for good reason but, wearing them in public spaces gets awkward fast)

Here is a better example, it looks like its almost fabric.

I was thinking of incorporating style that is used in other things that cover your face.

Here are some cold weather masks.

I like how this last one looks more like a band. Maybe mixing in a scarf like look, band like look, or something like a bandana might be cool. I'd want it to be appropriate for men and women.

So I'm not sure if this will want to be replacing the mask itself, or a piece of clothing/ thing you wear that you can place the disposable mask into.



I understand now. That's obviously the benefit  for pictures; I'd gotten the whole wrong end of the stick!

I see more what you mean too. Do you think the masks need to be single-use? Or are we thinking about something that could be washed?

If it's something that needs to be disposable, then we might be quite limited in what we can do to them... just because disposable products have to cost a tiny amount of cash.

However, if they can be washable (would a person use them more then once?), then that makes things more accessible. 

the most ideal would be a mask that each patient would own and could wash... that would require some research into new filtration materials =)

Even cooler would be a translucent material! But I haven't seen materials that are filters and translucent... so unless they are hiding somewhere in existence on the internet, that is not a viable option.

Here is a quick idea combining the disposable mask with something more permanent you could wash.  (sorry again about the image I have a lot of scanning in to do this weekend so I'll upload a better one later)

I purchased nebulizer mask straps for my 2 kids from Etsy.  It helps the mask stay on so my husband nor I don't need to hold it.  The straps are modified to sit on the crown on the childs head.  Considering the age that CF patients are being diagnosed, there should certainly be something more kid friendly to make it easier on the patients (and parents).  I would love to see what else could be created and preferably included when new neb cups are ordered because the ones one Etsy are expensive.

Stephanie, thank you for sharing this. If I post your idea as a new topic would you mind following up on the brainstorming? I'd definitely need your feedback =)

Also, what age are your kids?

I am so sorry, I just saw this.  I don't know why I didn't get a notification, or maybe I did and accidentally deleted it.  My kids are 4 and 6.  If this is something I could still help with please let me know.



A recent insight...

My daughter went to the dentist for the first time last week (aged 2) and cried when she saw the dentist. My wife thinks it was the mask and suggested they could be clear. My son cried too when he first went but is now used to it.




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