So as with many of you, my treatments (ie Vest and compressor) are out in the middle of my floor by my desk. I always thought that it would be nice to have a "treatment cabinet". It could be made out of would or plastic. It would fit the Vest in the lower portion and then have one or two pull out drawers. Ideally, one of the upper drawers would be refrigerated for any med that needed to be kept cold. The big bottom section that would enclose the Vest would have a large door to access it and the Vest would be put on a sliding bottom for easy access. There could be an additional slider to hold the compressor. Of course in the back would be holes to run all of the electrical.

This may make no sense at all. I'll have to get back on to sketch something out.

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Running the electrical cables could be a pain- there are some really nice examples of things that hide them away though. This computer by BMW design has all the cables and stuff in the thin bit on the right, with all the components jutting out:

And this cable trunking is pretty neat:

I don't know whether this is maybe worrying about the detail before we've thought through some more fundamental bits though?

Yeah, the wires would be the least of my worries :)

Ha- trust the designer to obsess about the detail before getting the fundamentals! I'll have a bit more of a think...

That happens to me all the time with websites; I understand.

I wasn't familiar with The Vest, so I had a look on Hill-Rom's website and found the user guide to see what sizes, weights etc this would require. I've put them here... Let me know if I've forgotten anything.

I'll work from these sizes and weights. I thought the wheely carry bag was an interesting idea... have you used one?

Ok! I've had an idea. How about an insert for existing furniture? Maybe Ikea furniture? It's standard sizes, and some of the stuff looks ok:

So, maybe we could have an insert that fits in, with the draws already in it's frame:

That way, you could pick what you want (everyone has different tastes, afterall), build it, slot in the custom drawers (and refrigerated compartment) which would already have cable-management built in, and you'd be good to go...

This way, it could be 'disguised' as a regular piece of furniture... and everyone could have the one that they want. What do you think?

I think that is a pretty good idea actually. The costs to manufacture would also be less if we were retrofitting existing furniture rather than creating full pieces.

One issue - I actually have the inCourage system by Respirtech that has different dimensions. So we'd have to base it off a piece of furniture that could fit both.

I'll have a look at the inCourage system... might start drawing up some more ideas that fit a bit better

Ok. I've found the inCourage system online and had a look at the dimensions. I've also been looking online for ways to prototype the refrigerator-drawer... Instructables have some great step-by-steps to build one.

It would be great to get a read on what your thoughts are on the cabinet... or maybe how else you think it could work pal?

Hi Ronnie, sorry for the late reply.

I've come across this site - it's called Ikea Hackers, and it's a good way to share ideas about modifying Ikea furniture. I'm going to get an Ikea cabinet, and modify it. Let me know what you think pal.

Hi Ronnie.

I'm going to Ikea this week to pick up a cabinet; do you have a preference what size/type would suit best?

I'd go with something sleek and modern as I'm guessing that the majority of people who would use one of these probably leans more towards that style. I've always preferred dark would over light, but who knows if that's typical. 


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