So as with many of you, my treatments (ie Vest and compressor) are out in the middle of my floor by my desk. I always thought that it would be nice to have a "treatment cabinet". It could be made out of would or plastic. It would fit the Vest in the lower portion and then have one or two pull out drawers. Ideally, one of the upper drawers would be refrigerated for any med that needed to be kept cold. The big bottom section that would enclose the Vest would have a large door to access it and the Vest would be put on a sliding bottom for easy access. There could be an additional slider to hold the compressor. Of course in the back would be holes to run all of the electrical.

This may make no sense at all. I'll have to get back on to sketch something out.

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I think most people would be good with 6.

6 sounds right. I'm not sure about the milton tablets. I use to use vinegar and hot water. I could ask my Dr about the tablets. But simply having a place to store them or set them to dry I think would be nice. So maybe people can sterilize them beforehand and transfer them to the cabinet? 

I knew it'd be a bit of a stretch to include it in the cabinet ;) but it got us all thinking about other ways to remedy the problem. So I'm glad I still posted it. =)

Hay guys, I just wanted to give an update on some trials I have been doing.
Let me know what you think!

Also, please keep in mind that this solutions is what I feel is best for me, it can easily be modified for your needs. If you want to give the cabinet a try and need help brainstorming what will work best for you, Please say something on here and we will work together. Where you do your nebs, and the presence you want them to have in the room will determining a lot of what solution we come up with =) No solution or need is ever better than another, just we all have different needs.

Also, to be noted, I do not have a cooling element incorporated yet, and aesthetically, this is just a modified piece of furniture for testing.

So I wanted a solution that blended in, that didn't scream "Treatment and medication station"


Public space -  I do my meds in a public (ish) space, the living room. This is where the entertainment center is, also, where guests would be if we have any over.

Constant reminder -  For me, I do not need another reminder how different I am sticking out in my space. I’d prefer to get them done, be thankful they exist and move on with my day.

Eye sore – Lets face it, I think they are ugly.

Small space – I want them out of my way, and my sight.

What is stored: Currently it holds a Hill-Rom Therapy Vest Set, Nebulizer, Neb Cups (clean), Neb cups (used), Acapella (flutter), Aerochamber and Ventolin, Advair, peak flow meter, flonase. Hypertonic Saline, Hand sanitizer.

What I have to get from additional place – Pulmozyme

Where- the refrigerator located in the kitchen.


Here is the fun part  Before you scroll down, Where is the neb set and vest located? =) Can you find them?

How it works.

To do nebs: Open bottom of book shelf, door provides a solid smoother surface to operate the Vest and Nebulizer (which should not be operated on carpet due to vents and overheating).

Things we addressed earlier:


Tubes Disconnecting: This still happens, but happens far less because the vest machine is so close to where I am sitting. Also the direction of the machine is easily changed on the hard surface.

Time Set Up:

Time is lost in having to unpack and unzip the prior case the vest was in.

Time is saved by having everything plugged into the same electrical strip, so just the strip needs to be turned on to start nebz.

Time is saved having everything in the same location.

What I don't like:

Due to space the tubes do still need to be disconnected to be stored.

Nebz are washed in another location.

No refrigeration ability.

Nebs and medication are stored in the wooden gun shell box (see it still stores ammunition, just a different kind) 

What I’m not sure if I like or dislike –

 I don’t organize every little thing, for me that is a waste of time. So to have to put the tubes tightly into a specific spot is not necessary. I’d prefer to throw them on top if they fit and close the door.

What do you prefer? Is it important for you to have a spot for the vest tubes to snap into? Or something to hang the wound cord on?

Here is how things went into the gun shell box.

First layer Left to right:

flonase, peak flow meter (purple) Acapella (flutter), Advair, Aerochamber and Ventolin. Neb cups Used (blue basket), Hand sanitizer, Hypertonic Saline.

On Top:

Left: The Green and clear container hold Clean Neb cups, it is also used to dry them in. They are not stored until they are fully dry and assembled. Note: I only use this container with Neb cups, all other containers were sanitized before use.

So far this set up has saved me time, helped me with compliance and really made my time devoted to treatments more streamline, I forget things less (like Ventolin before treatments).

Let me know what you think =)

What I like about using a book shelf:

Storage containers such as boxes can easily be added to store more or less of your medications.

The bottom door can be added to any book shelf.

The problems:

Finding the right size book shelf for you. It needs to be Deep, in order to hold the vest.


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