I have had a bit of a play around with the enzyme dispenser and have some feedback so far

  • first 3 enzymes release easily then they seem to get stuck, have to shake the dispenser, sometimes between releasing each enzyme.
  • not easy to fill, having to shake dispenser as filling as enzymes sometimes sit at an angle in dispenser
  • when I had it in my bag it was to easy to accidently press enzyme release button, ended up with an enzyme or 2 at the bottom of my bag
  • dispenser is small enough to discreetly release enzymes into hand (can count out how many needed without having to look), I think this is good for someone who doesn't want everyone close by to necessarily know what they are doing (eg when dining out)

Will continue to trial and add feedback. 


Looking forward to hearing what others think!


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I've investigated a bit too. 

First thing is, my enzymes don't fit into the dispenser.  I use Ultresa.  I also found some old Zenpep lying around, and those don't fit either.  The only thing I have that does fit is Tylenol, but that's not an enzyme. 

Here are my other thoughts, just based on looking at and holding the dispenser:

-I wonder if the button that releases the enzymes could get broken off?

-The relatively sharp corners seem like they could be uncomfortable in a pocket.

-My dispenser came apart during the shipping process, so I wonder if the dispenser would come apart if dropped?

-I like to carry as little stuff as possible when loading up my pockets or bags. At the moment I have a little tin container that holds 16 enzymes, and is half the size (or a little less) than the dispenser. So at this point, I can't imagine I would switch over to using the dispenser. For me, the slight convenience of getting 1 pill per push of the button (without looking) doesn't outweigh the inconvenience of a bulkier container. 

-In terms of discreetly accessing enzymes, I wonder about the noise the dispenser makes when pressing the button.  If you only need 1 or 2 enzymes, the noise may not be that noticeable, if you press the button slowly.  But if you're eating a large meal and you need 5 or 6, I feel like the noise required to dispense that many enzymes would be more noticeable than opening a container and looking down for a moment to pull out the same number of enzymes. 

OK, those are my thoughts so far.

Great stuff - thanks for sharing your experiences. That's a shame the dispenser didn't work for your enzyme brand. If you don't mind posting a photo of the enzyme next to a ruler, we can get some modifications made.

I'm also interested in your solution to carrying around enzymes- would you mind posting a picture of that?

Also, the noise is a really good point- it hadn't even been on my radar, and I'd be really interested to hear whether anyone else has had that thought?

Yes, I will get photos of the enzymes I use, plus the 2 most recent containers I've used and liked for enzyme storage. I'll try to get that up on here later today.

Alright, I've got some photos.  Let me know if you need more, or better ones.  I'm not great with a camera, but I'll see what I can do. 

The slide tin holds 6 enzymes.  The heart tin holds 16.  I like these because they're small and they don't look like pill containers.  The slide tin works well if I know I'm only going to eat once while I'm out, as 6 enzymes will cover a large meal.  The heart tin is a little more versatile though, and doesn't require filling after every outing, so that's what I usually keep in my purse/handbag these days.  For whatever it's worth, I'm also someone who will just pour some enzymes into a pocket though if I really don't want to carry anything.

With the slide tin, I can open it up enough to dump out just one or two enzymes.  That's as close as I've ever come to a container that dispenses a specific number of enzymes. 

This is long overdue, but here's a copy of what I wrote to Matt a little while back after testing. He asked I share it here (or somewhere around here!) as part of the group discussion:

I've been using the dispenser. I watched the video, took it apart, put it back together - all very fun. My enzymes fit perfectly. I like that when filling it, they don't jam up. They easily fall into place and shimmy their way down the dispenser. I also really like the sound they made as they fall down! (I'm easily entertained!)

I wish the edges were a bit smoother, maybe rounded. In my little hands it feels sharp to hold. I also wish the button to release an enzyme didn't stick out as much (though I understand design wise why this is) because I'm afraid of it getting caught on something and snapping off when it's in my purse.

I did notice that while an enzyme is housed in the chamber at the bottom, the next enzyme is nearly half way out (it gets pushed back up as the enzyme gets released and then falls into the chamber once it's empty). I could foresee that being an issue if I'm keeping this in my purse, as I'd like the enzymes to be sealed up as much as possible so that dirt or moisture can't get to them. (picture below)

My husband just pointed out that it'd be a good way to keep track of whether or not I'd taken my enzymes for the day. After all these years, it's become second nature, so sometimes I honestly can't remember if I took them or not. If I was using this dispenser every day and there was a little side window where I could see how many are left, I'd be able to mentally keep track and know if I took any or not. ("oh, there's 10 left, if I'd taken them with lunch there should only be 6... I must have forgotten" kind of thing) 


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