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Happy Easter

Hello all,

I hope this Easter time has meant that you've been able to take some time off to relax and have some fun. It's still holiday time here in the UK, but there has been some great progress in the development of the Enzyme dispenser, and it's gotten to the point now where we're ready to send out some for people to test. I'll individually email people to see if they would like to have an Enzyme dispenser sent to them, and if so I'll put something in the post & send it out…


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Enzyme Dispenser, week 1 - Initial Ideas

So this week is the first week for the Enzyme dispenser workshop.

Last Friday, I met with Ben- he's the guy who will be making the electronics for the Enzyme dispenser- and discussed what is needed, and how this might affect our design. After talking to Ben, there really isn't too much of a problem with the electronics. The system is very simple... just a push button (like on mobile phones from a few years ago), a tiny clock, and a microchip to record everything.

Ben suggested…


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Happy New Year

Hello all,

I hope that you all had a great time over Christmas, and that 2013 turns out to be an excellent year for everyone.

It's been great to welcome so many people to the site, and also exciting to begin to get some interest in the projects building. Just before Christmas, I blogged about a meeting with the CF doctor here in Sheffield, and how the project to develop a prototype enzyme dispenser has been approved. I thought I would try and explain things a bit further, so…


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More on the Exciting Opportunity...

Just a quick note, as I've just heard:

The industrial partner has committed to the work we'll be doing here! It's all go. I'll blog again with any more developments and updates. Until then, on this Christmas eve- eve, I hope you are all well,


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An Exciting Opportunity!

Hello all.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet one of the heads of Cystic Fibrosis health services here in Sheffield, UK. We had a great meeting, and it seems there is a lot of crossover with what we are doing here in AIR, and a project that is going on at the minute.

Essentially, a system is being developed that can log different aspects of CF daily management that couldn't be previously measured- this data is then used in consultations to better help develop strategies…


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Hello all,

Great to see all of the wonderful work that has been done so far in the space- especially after the intensive workshop time we have spent. I'm happy to announce that AIR is now Google-searcheable, and that anyone can sign up and start posting! I'm going to start publicising that fact, and I hope that you can and will spread the word- invite whomever you would like to take part. Ideally, they will have lived experience of CF- whether that's through having it themselves, or…


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Extending the Workshop idea!

Hello All

It's been a great start to the ideas - there is loads of information here already, and we're beginning to get some great ideas come out. Ronnie had a great suggestion on Sunday, that we extend each of the three phases to a week, giving us more time to work on them.

This makes a lot of sense, as we're all busy people, and the time difference means that it's very difficult for us all to be able to talk at the same time. More time should give us more opportunities to…


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Workshop Weekend!

Hello all.

I thought I'd add a short blog entry here to describe what this weekend's activity will look like!

There are some basic rules- nothing too terrifying I hope! These are to ensure that we don't loose any good ideas early on, since some of the best solutions come from seemingly crazy suggestions. So, here are the rules:

  1. No idea is a bad idea. Even crazy suggestions are ok.
  2. Constructive responses only; disagreements are fine,…

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Hi all,

I'd like first to welcome those who have joined recently, and to tell you all a little more about what has been happening behind the scenes, so to speak. So hello to Ollie and Amber - it's wonderful to have you on board. Another person has expressed their interest in joining, but until I hear back then I shall hold off from announcing a new member!

I must apologise if I've been a little quiet recently, I have been trying to sort out some difficulties getting a prototype…


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Welcome to Air!


If you're reading this, then you will already have accepted an invite to come and do some collaborative design work here. I'm really excited to see the potential that people can have, with a more direct say in what and how things that you have to use can come about.

This way of working is very new, and so there isn't a set precedent for how it might look. As such, this social network and all of the activities we do are open for comment- if something…


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