Enzyme Dispenser, week 1 - Initial Ideas

So this week is the first week for the Enzyme dispenser workshop.

Last Friday, I met with Ben- he's the guy who will be making the electronics for the Enzyme dispenser- and discussed what is needed, and how this might affect our design. After talking to Ben, there really isn't too much of a problem with the electronics. The system is very simple... just a push button (like on mobile phones from a few years ago), a tiny clock, and a microchip to record everything.

Ben suggested that we concentrate on how the dispenser works, and what it looks like. Then, we can just fit the electronics inside this design.

This week, it's about posting ideas for what it could look like, and how it might work. A good place to start might be Tic-Tac boxes, or artificial sweetener dispensers... push a button, get a sweetener. Also, what do you want to be carrying around with you? What things do you like- think about the purse/wallet you carry... the keychain you might have, or the phone you bought (or, the case you've put on it). Colours, textures... anything really.

It can be crazy, or it can be pragmatic. Whatever you're comfortable with.

As always, if there is anything in the site that you'd like a physical copy of, then please let me know and I'll pop it in the post.

Cheers all!

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