Hello all,

I hope that you all had a great time over Christmas, and that 2013 turns out to be an excellent year for everyone.

It's been great to welcome so many people to the site, and also exciting to begin to get some interest in the projects building. Just before Christmas, I blogged about a meeting with the CF doctor here in Sheffield, and how the project to develop a prototype enzyme dispenser has been approved. I thought I would try and explain things a bit further, so that you can see where the benefits to yourselves might come in, and also how the work we do here will contribute to the wider project.

As I mentioned before, the wider project is about making the invisible aspects of CF management visible- for instance, giving feedback on previously unmeasured things like the time spent one one aspect, or how many 'X' are taken, and at what time. Apologies for being quite vague about the exact things being measured; some of the companies involved want to protect the investment they are making in the project. One aspect that is currently 'invisible' (or can be difficult to monitor accurately over a long period of time) are Enzymes- specifically, when and how many.

That's where this project comes in!

We have been tasked with collaboratively coming up with an Enzyme dispenser that logs how many enzymes are dispensed, and when. A colleague of mine is developing the electronics that will do these functions (so we don't have to worry about that), instead we need to work out what it looks like and how it's used. I can help with the mechanism, and by posting some other ideas about how it might look- but this isn't my project, it's ours. So it's about designing something you want to use, and have on you.

Once we've designed something that works, it will be made into a number of prototypes which will be used in a clinical trial of the whole system (including the bits I can't talk about). However, once we've got a prototype that works, you can all have one (minus the electronics, sadly). I have a MakerBot 3D printer, and will be printing ideas as they come up. If you would like any of the ideas to see for yourself what they are like, I'll happily print them and post them to you (wherever you are in the world). All you have to do is send me a postal address privately, and I'll pop a print in the post.

So, our work here on the Enzyme dispenser will lead to real 'stuff'- that you and anyone else who joins AIR can benefit from.

If you have any questions, comments, etc- then leave one below or drop me an email.


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